On Demand Air System Vs. Scuba Tanks

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On Demand Air System Vs. Scuba Tanks

Postby FS150HZ » Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:33 pm

Well the time has finally come that I am pursuing upgrading from a pathetic 5 gallon air setup with a Viair 480C compressor.

By coincidence, as soon as I started looking for a new air setup, I checked out Princess Auto (Canadian equivalent of Harbor Freight), and they had some large two stage compressors on sale for just over half price. For the setup I'm looking at to work for large runbys, I would need two of these probably. Both would put out 23cfm at 1200rpm, or 30cfm at 1400. This would run with a 40 gallon tank, and continuously resupply air during the whole recording. 46-60cfm should be easily enough to run a K5LA I'd imagine, maybe even a 3/16" M5. A 420cc (13hp) OHV gas engine I saw was also on sale, which seems appropriate for my setup. Although, it would be nearly be at full power for the time I'm running it. Basically a 4 minute recording, with 2 minutes blast time, which I don't imagine would put too much strain on the engine. Of course, a setup like this would be rather insane, requiring a decent pressure switch, multiple safety blow off valves, and opening the back window to vent the fumes. It would also dampen the experience since the sound of a large gas engine and two compressors going I'm sure would be very loud. Though, I would have a good amount of air available whenever I want, and I can always run the setup on hitch mounted cargo carrier.

I had also considered nitrogen, but as soon as I found out the cost of getting nitrogen tanks filled in Canada, I turned away from that. $45 dollars to fill a 55cf tank is just stupid. I turned to scuba tanks, which seemed much more practical. I can get a cylinder of any size filled for $10 dollars. Or even get my own compressor for $1500. I'd imagine I'd do recordings maybe 30 times a year. Two 100cf cylinders (with a 20 gallon surge tank) would get me 4 minutes of honk time with a K5 maybe? The only issue there is the the honk time is limited if I ever went far from home with the horns, and planned on doing a number of recordings in a single day. I have been leaning towards the gas compressor setup because there are my options with it, but I'm just looking for input because I don't really know what I'm doing. Lol. I may end up being quite disappointed with either setup as I don't really know what to expect, or if I'll do recordings as frequently as I am anticipating.

Input would be greatly appreciated.

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