Norfolk Southern Nathan Airchime K5L

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Norfolk Southern Nathan Airchime K5L

Postby NathanAirchime29993 » Thu May 17, 2018 4:12 pm

Anyone know why NS uses K5L's and how old are they? I'm guessing they could have been made by mistake or have been mistakenly ordered by NS, instead of a K5LA, because the K5L's have 2 and the 4 reversed, making it an K5LR24, but should of been a K5LAR24. Its very interesting that an American railroad such as CSX and Norfolk Southern use the Canadian tuned K5 horns and many of them sound almost identical to a BC RAIL. Do any of you guys know and have any idea if the NS K5L's, have square tags or tagless manifolds and how can you tell if they are older, judging by the sound. NS has them on early 2000's built GE locomotives. I'm pretty interested in finding one one day, but don't know where to get one? If anyone has any information and thoughts about the NS K5L's, please type a comment, I will appreciate it, Thank You.

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