Why Oh Why!!!

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Why Oh Why!!!

Postby Shay5fan » Thu May 05, 2016 4:53 pm

Don't know if anyone will see this here, but here goes.
Why are people spoiling this forum?
Why can't anybody keep to the PMs about heated arguments and unnecessary wildfires??
Why isn't there a Moderator or Admin stepping in???
Why can't people act their age and have common sense(A rare thing nowadays)????
Why is Off Topic stuff keep flaring up?????
-end of "Whys"-
Being a somewhat more Reclusive member "But still a member" I Ask these simple questions. Coming from the other end of the picture, Y'all are killing this place and our hobby! :cry: Cmon guys, ditch the pride and quit burning valuable bridges. This hobby is hard enough to get involved in as it is. Each one of us is a valuable resource for others to get involved. I may be a newer member to this community, but I know enough (and still learning) to know that flames and women fights don't help or promote anything, let alone locey horns. I fully expect to take some heat for saying this, but I don't care. I"m saying what needs to be said. I still have the ability to hit the little "X" button on this tab to get out of here. Most of y'all do as well. For the sake of this unique hobby and others who feel this way, all I ask is cut all this out.
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Re: Why Oh Why!!!

Postby hoot » Fri May 06, 2016 5:37 am

There are no mods. Just me, the site owner. I cleaned up a couple of things. I agree with you that people should be respectful of the others and the fact that I keep this site up and running for free.

You did the right thing by standing up and posting your thoughts. This is not a PC board LOL and although many sites have strict rules, this one does not. But if someone "piles" on non stop, they need to stop.
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