Bighornshunter is back and glad to say "Hi"!!!

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Bighornshunter is back and glad to say "Hi"!!!

Postby Bighornshunter » Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:47 am

To all of you and fellow members from the old forum, good morning from France!!!

This is Raoul, "Bighornshunter", avid collector of ship horns and actually, whatever makes noise, loudly!
I am glad to be back on a forum to talk about our passion and share experiences.
The sinking of the old Board was really a sad thing, with, in particular, the loss of individuals with character and expertise as well as tons of valuable informations.

I have been following the new Board from afar, but I never took the time to join. Time is my great trouble, as well as writing in english!!!
But I feel the need to talk about my collection and make new videos to feed my YT account.
And I see that there are a few members who need some help for their horns, so, here I am!!!

Thanks to Hoot and other admins for making the things possible. May this board be as successful as the other, less all these boring rants that made the things so difficult sometimes.
I'd like to salute some fellow collectors who might be members here, like George M., Jim F., Dana D., Zack P. and all of you which I forget.

My collection has taken a new turn two years ago, thanks to my videos, and I am now working on a regular basis with artists (contemporary) who wish to integrate my horns into their work, for the sound.
I have such a partnership with a piano composer from Belgium and she has written a piece for piano and 25 ship horns!!!
We are working together on festivals and it makes a lot of noise!
I have followed the path of Dana with his Great American Horn Machine...
Mine is called "La Voix des Océans", the Voice of Oceans, a Fog Organ.
I now have built an electrical keyboard (I'll soon switch to MIDI), made of birchwood from the home forest, 40 keys, 40 solenoid valves, 40 horns...
It takes a 6m trailer to carry it and I can't takes everything yet!!!

Ostend - 20141112 01.jpg

Kortrijk - De Grote Verleieding 2015 - 1701.jpg

Keyboard 20130919.jpg

My page on Youtube:

I'll try to post some videos and reviews from my collection on a more regular basis.
Keep posted and take care.

Best regards.


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Re: Bighornshunter is back and glad to say "Hi"!!!

Postby Captofchaos » Sat May 14, 2016 8:03 am

Hello my friend,
Your rig is looking great!!

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Re: Bighornshunter is back and glad to say "Hi"!!!

Postby jimflynn » Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:33 pm

Great to see so many names from the past!!!

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