S3BJ and replica SL4T

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Re: S3BJ and replica SL4T

Postby LeslieS5aFan » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:55 pm

b2major9th wrote:
LeslieS5aFan wrote:
miller49g wrote:
Here is my original Leslie SL4T ex-Amtrak EMD SDP40F #531

I see now. The real on is lower.

No, not true. The real one is not lower. The replica is pretty much a spot on copy of the Leslie low-profile 5-chime manifold. Ken used an original to get the correct dimensions when he modified a standard 5-chime (S5T) manifold. He marked it as a replica so it would never be sold as an original at an inflated price.

Oh, the original appeared lower.

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