kahlenberg D-2

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kahlenberg D-2

Postby JMcGarva » Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:42 am

Hey all. i just purchased kahlenberg D-2's. I am putting them on a 2018 chevy silverado.

Anyone recommend the best place to mount these? I am looking to install under the vehicle, not on top. By looking at the blue prints they sent me of the horn, it looks like they are designed to mount flush. Not sure how the air connection would be installed at that point?

My last set of horns was the horn blaster shockers, and they were install under the motor shield facing on an angle back wards.

My end goal is to NOT remove the spare tire.

I am going to be running a 8gal, and a 2 gal tank with dual compressors. 150 tank PSI with 90 psi going to the horn.

Any recommends would be great. Thanks

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