Airchime K5H FS

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Airchime K5H FS

Postby ST681 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:22 pm


I have an early die cast K5H with a large bore 5 bell for sale. The heritage I received is that it was from a NS GE, presumably a C39-8. It is in nice shape, with no issues. I added cork gaskets but it does have O-ring feet, I just prefer the cork. Note: this is not a sand cast horn and I do not want to mislead anyone. Of course I bought it because it remind me of the Cartier MLW’s, so it is painted bright orange. The paint has some flaws, but looks decent and is a standard rustoleum color.



Asking price is $1,150 shipped, you can pick it up if you wish I am located in NH. If you would like to text me for more photos my number is 603-581-8916.

Thank You

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